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citizen-cam replied to your post: The reason I think Romney won’t win is all of these and more - I look back at the history and I see the winner is always the slicker, more likable guy, the one with a coherent message and the one with the charisma. Admittedly I’m biased but I don’t see Mitt as having any of those things. He’s handsome, but is that enough? I’ve seen very little suggesting people actually like him; the best I’ve seen is that they think he’s okay. Maybe I can’t see forest for trees? I certainly agree about the money - the moneyed class are desperate to get rid of Obama. But OTOH, they were desperate to get rid of Clinton and they didn’t. And they strongly backed McCain and he lost. But you make an interesting point.

Ahh, but that was before Citizens United. This is the first post-Citizens United Presidential election, and I think it’ll change things a lot. Last week’s This American Life, titled "Take the Money and Run for Congress" (which, incidentally, is utterly brilliant) talked about the influence of money and the direct spending in the 2010 Congressional Race- the first one post-Citizens United- and it really is astonishing how different it was. I think the rise of teh Super PAC will be one of the true wildcards in the 2012 election.