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This Christianity comes not from the head or the gut, but from the soul. It is as meek as it is quietly liberating. It does not seize the moment; it lets it be. It doesn’t seek worldly recognition, or success, and it flees from power and wealth. It is the religion of unachievement. And it is not afraid. In the anxious, crammed lives of our modern twittering souls, in the materialist obsessions we cling to for security in recession, in a world where sectarian extremism threatens to unleash mass destruction, this sheer Christianity, seeking truth without the expectation of resolution, simply living each day doing what we can to fulfill God’s will, is more vital than ever. It may, in fact, be the only spiritual transformation that can in the end transcend the nagging emptiness of our late-capitalist lives, or the cult of distracting contemporaneity, or the threat of apocalyptic war where Jesus once walked. You see attempts to find this everywhere—from experimental spirituality to resurgent fundamentalism. Something inside is telling us we need radical spiritual change.

Andrew Sullivan.

Read this essay. It’s brilliant. 

I left the church, but I never left my faith. This is a pretty great articulation of the power of faith.  Many of Sullivan’s questions and searches closely mirror my own.

The last few months, I’ve been thinking and reading about these things a lot. It’s been wonderful to be able to read so much from people who are in a similar position to me, who see the gracelessness of the church in stark opposition to the fundamental grace that is at the heart of Jesus’ message. Who have a faith that is Christian without being Paulian. Who see that the church is not Christianity, but an institution that is deeply, deeply flawed. Who understand that the Bible is not God.

And now Sullivan comes out with this, and it’s so much of what I’ve been thinking about. It’s just so wonderful and comforting to read.  

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